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'Fashionably Late'

Due Time Therapy

Waiting for your labour to start can sometimes be a stressful time, which can then delay your labour starting further. This combination treatment is perfect for women who want to avoid medical induction of labour and to encourage labour to start naturally.

The treatment uses a combination of aromatherapy, acupressure, and clinical reflex zone therapy and provides you with an opportunity to discuss your birth preferences, ask questions about labour and birth and discuss any worries you may have while encouraging the release of natural birth hormones in a relaxed, calm environment.

We start with a telephone consultation to ensure treatments are appropriate for you and your baby. This therapy can be used alongside the ‘Membrane Sweep’ that may be offered by your maternity care midwife, but should you decline this then the due time therapy is beneficial on its own. You may bring your birthing partner along too so they can be taught some techniques to continue at home.​

The due time therapy includes:

  • Full midwifery consultation

  • A bespoke combination of therapies to encourage labour

  • A colostrum harvesting kit and instructions (known to encourage labour hormones!)

  • Teaching you and /or your birth partner specific acupressure points to encourage labour

  • An opportunity to ask any questions or discuss any worries you may have

  • Your special blend of due time aromatherapy oil to take home for use in the bath or massage. 

The Sevenoaks Midwife

Due Time Therapy - 75min / £95

3 Treatment Package with Telephone Support – £295

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