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Infant Feeding Support

Breastfeeding is a skill that new parents and babies learn together. A breastfeeding support appointment during pregnancy or after birth will prepare you for a great start to your feeding journey. If you are experiencing challenges and have questions, book a feeding support appointment to help you reach your feeding goals.

How can I help?

  • Feeding challenges – making breastfeeding more comfortable

  • Finding comfortable positions and assessing position and attachment (latch)

  • Help with nipple pain and damage

  • Baby Weight Loss 

  • Signposting to tongue tie services

  • Addressing concerns about your milk supply and baby’s growth

  • Expressing milk/introducing bottles

  • Mastitis

The appointment will take place in your home and last as long as you need. During the appointment I will listen to your concerns and do a thorough clinical and feeding assessment – observing your baby during a feed.

I will provide information on responsive feeding, observing feeding cues and signs of optimal feeding.  Together we will develop a personal feeding plan to equip you with the tools to continue a positive feeding journey.  Included in your appointment is telephone and WhatsApp support.

Breastfeeding Support Appointment / £180

Breastfeeding Support Package


My breastfeeding support package includes:


  • x1 antenatal appointment – “Getting Ready to Breastfeed”, giving you all the information to start your feeding journey successfully

  • x2 postnatal feeding support appointments as soon as baby arrives

  • Follow up telephone & WhatsApp support

Nursing Newborn

Breastfeeding Support Package / £595

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